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Mobility Innovation Camp


Institute for Advanced Studies Vienna, Community creates Mobility.


September to December 2022

“Mobility Innovation Camps” – SME program for equitable mobility innovations.

How can we achieve a sustainable and, above all, equitable change in mobility? Trends such as e-mobility, sharing, and AI-powered mobility models are central to everyone dealing with mobility in terms of digitalization. Many innovators are asking how they can address these trends in a way that benefits society while having less impact on the environment.

The Mobility Innovation Camps

Months of tinkering – in the fall of 2022, the time had come: the first round of the program for equitable change in mobility started. The course program for SMEs from the mobility sector was initiated and developed by the Institute for Advanced Studies and the innovation network Community creates Mobility – with experts from Punkt vor Strich.

The Equitable Mobility Innovation Program:

Innovative course program for SMEs from the mobility sector
5 modules combine aspects of equitable change with digital competencies
Concrete use cases from behavior change, equitable access to sustainable infrastructure
Participating companies from Vienna, Linz and Salzburg: ALVERI, EDDI Bike, Pave Commute and VELLO BIKE

The five modules focus on the question: “How can we shape a just mobility transition?” Using concrete use cases, skills and strategies developed to integrate social and environmental thinking into strategic and operational plans.

Equitable access to mobility solutions: Which diversity categories should be included if one wants to achieve more equitable access (to products and services)?
Change mobility behavior: Where can SMEs start to encourage more people to change?
Sustainable infrastructure: what is the impact of changing infrastructure and on which groups? Who should be more involved in this?

Interested in learning more about the program and its contents? Then simply get in touch with us.

Image: Unsplash | Sky Studios