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Glacier Academy: Movement in corporate mobility





How to get moving in corporate mobility

Transport accounts for around 30% of total national greenhouse gas emissions in Austria. The need for action is therefore obvious. Mobility is a habit and is usually only reconsidered when there are changes, such as a relocation or a job change. Companies have the leverage to promote climate-friendly mobility not only for ecological reasons, but also for economic and social reasons.

The Punkt vor Strich Team designed a recurring online webinar format at the Glacier Climate Academy for companies from all over Austria. The training focused primarily on the following questions about corporate mobility management such as:

  • What role does mobility play in the climate crisis?
  • Where do we need to start in the companies?
  • How can we make sustainable mobility the first choice?
  • What tools are there for companies to promote climate-friendly mobility?

If sustainable mobility is practiced in the company and the offer is suitable, this can change a lot. When it comes to mobility, not everything can be judged rationally and pragmatically. When this topic is discussed, the emotional component plays a bigger role than one would think.

With our structured and step-by-step process, your company will also get moving in terms of operational mobility management in a practical and people-centered way:

  • Create a knowledge base: Gather facts
  • Understand needs: Question movement patterns
  • Create offers: Develop possibilities

Get moving with us too!

Image: Unsplash | Tobias Weinhold