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EMPLOYER TO EMPLOYEE – Corporate Mobility for All


FFG Forschungsprojekt - Fast Track Digital 1. Ausschreibung: EMP2EMP | in Zusammenarbeit mit UNI Salzburg, triply GmbH, Carployee Gmbh


Oktober 2020 - Oktober 2023

How to add gender to routing algorithms post festum!

Business locations are often far away from high-ranking public transport stops in the urban periphery. If public transport is available, it cannot cover the last mile and will not meet the flexible working time models or requirements of (e.g. for childcare) are seldom met.

The research project Employer to Employee (EMP2EMP) creates a sustainable alternative to motorized private transport at company locations and improves accessibility by means of a coordinated mobility mix and the optimization of mobility offers at the company location.

In the project, the Punkt vor Strich team specifically takes into account the specific mobility needs of employees and focuses on gender-sensitive survey methods. The results are used to revise existing algorithms of the project partners triply and Carployee and thus create an inclusive mobility offer.

With the active involvement of the employees from the beginning by means of a structured open innovation process, the higher customer-centeredness and acceptance of the solutions is ensured and the entry to the use and handling of the offers is facilitated. This enables sustainable behavioral changes in the direction of sustainable and climate-friendly mobility.

The introduction of digitized and networked mobility services, while at the same time taking into account the needs of employees, can make an important contribution to the reduction of traffic-related emissions, in particular through the verifiable reduction of car trips.

Image: Unsplash | Timon Studler