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Sustainable mobility that moves everybody.

The platform for inclusive & innovative mobility to unlock the full potential of forward-looking mobility solutions.

Sustainable mobility that moves everybody.

The knowledge and data platform for gender & mobility. Unlocking the full potential of forward-looking mobility solutions.

Effective Mobility.

People are diverse and so are their mobility patterns and demands on mobility. But how can companies, cities and communities use the full potential of new mobility services? A deep understanding of mobility patterns is essential to make the best decisions for people, the environment and the economy. Only in such wise, the full potential of offers for diverse target groups can be used and the greatest possible impact achieved.


Knowledge building and awareness raising on diverse movement patterns and success factors for shaping the mobility of tomorrow.


Practical toolset for using the full potential and designing demand-oriented mobility offers and services for diverse target groups.


Comprehensive data and knowledge pool on gender and mobility in Austria & Europe as a basis for the design of innovative mobility offers.

Mobility needs diversity.

Regardless of whether it’s mobility providers, city councils or business – It pays off to take a close look at the opportunities, but also gaps and biases in mobility. This way, mobility offers can be better designed and thus the full potential can be used!


of CO2 emissions worldwide can be attributed to transport. From work to leisure, there is enormous potential to implement sustainable mobility in all areas of life.


of Car-Sharing users are men. New mobility solutions are hardly geared towards the movement patterns and needs of women. An enormous potential that is still much underused.


higher risk of injury for women in traffic accidents. The quality and safety standards of mobility products offered are not yet sufficiently tailored to all target groups.


of the employees in the European transport sector are women. In addition to the urgent need for skilled workers, mixed development teams also create better solutions for all users.

Knowledge Platform.

The mobility system is neutral, isn’t it? Learn more about the knowledge platform and be part of the change.


OUT OF THE BOX – Rethinking Mobility

Mobility as the key topic of the future – We show how a successful mobility revolution can be achieved from cities to rural regions.

Mobility is a habit. Usually we don’t rethink how we get from A to B every day. For innovative and sustainable mobility to have a real impact, it has to be comfortable. But what does that mean for you & me? What does it take for sustainable mobility to actually be used and for the transformation to succeed? How can companies, cities and communities use the full potential?

All’ this through our offer of:

  • Trainings & Webinars
  • Lectures & Publications

Current examples:

  • TEDx Talk: Today I walk | TEDxHaslach
  • KeyNote: 5 ingredients for inclusive mobility | Wiener Linien
  • Mobility Policy: Recipe for success for happy cities and regions | EUTech
  • 1st Carinthian Mobility Day at and around Lake Wörthersee | Carinthian Chamber of Commerce
  • 1 year KlimaTicket: The mobility of the future becomes one | One Mobility, Federal Ministry for Climate Protection

MOVE IT – Corporate Mobility Management

It really pays off to get things rolling when it comes to company mobility and get into action. Let the numbers speak for themselves: More than half of all workday traffic is due to work and business travel. Around two thirds of all new cars are company vehicles.

Companies are key to the mobility transition and benefit simultaneously through cost savings and employee retention as well as by positioning themselves as pioneers. With our modular step-by-step plan, we provide support, create a comprehensive picture of corporate mobility, and demonstrate strategy, solutions, and measures that best fit the requirements in your company.

Currently developed programmes & formats:

  • Climate Academy: How to get moving in corporate mobility – a step by step guide | Glacier
  • Online Webinar: Successful and targeted communication of new mobility solutions in the digital space | Städtebund
  • EMP2EMP – Employer to Employee: Innovative and demand-oriented mobility development in business parks | FFG research program
  • Mobility Innovation Camps: SME programme for digital and equitable mobility innovations | Institute for Advanced Studies

SPOT THE BIAS – Creating mobility for all

Mobility for all has the major challenge of addressing the needs of all. By gaining a deep understanding of diverse movement patterns, other influencing factors, and biases, we can build effective mobility innovations.

Why is a service not accepted? What is truly required on the local level? We identify data gaps in mobility and uncover the full potential of new mobility solutions.

  • Mobility data platform: with comprehensive gender-relevant data
  • Fair Mobility Canvas: testing mobility solutions in practice and equitable design

Our Team.

Our team’s expertise lies in many years of experience in research, innovation and technology. In cooperation with our partners, we utilize and enable the full potential of future-oriented mobility at all levels – socially, economically and ecologically.

Lina Mosshammer

Chief Executive Officer


Claudia Falkinger

Chief Strategy Officer


Our Partners.

Together with our international partners and funding agencies, we are working towards an inclusive and comprehensive image of mobility.

“Early inclusion of the “human factor” in rail transport opens up access to previously untapped resources and is increasingly a competitive advantage.”

Martin Zsifkovits
Director Innovation & Managing Director, Molinari Rail Austria

“The team of Punkt vor Strich manages to make the mobility turnaround tangible through innovative and participatory approaches.”

Hanna Merklinger
Product Manager KlimaTicket & Authorized Signatory One Mobility GmbH

“The work of Punkt vor Strich to collect, analyze, and prepare data in a gender* appropriate way is important to making mobility equitable and safe for ALL.”

Viviane Weinmann
Transport Planner, German Society for International Cooperation(GIZ) GmbH

“Punkt vor Strich convinces with comprehensive mobility knowledge and innovative approaches such as at the first Carinthian Mobility Day at Lake Wörthersee.”

Christiane Holzinger
District Chairwoman, Carinthian Chamber of Commerce

Latest Projects.

We stand for creative ideas, innovative developments and forward-looking solutions. Here are insights into some selected projects.

Mobility Innovation Camp

Mobility Innovation Camp

How can we achieve a sustainable and, above all, equitable change in mobility? Trends such as e-mobility, sharing, and AI-powered mobility models are central to everyone dealing with mobility in terms of digitalization. Many innovators are asking how they can address these trends in a way that benefits society while having less impact on the environment.

read more
Glacier Academy: Movement in corporate mobility

Glacier Academy: Movement in corporate mobility

Transport accounts for around 30% of total national greenhouse gas emissions in Austria. The need for action is therefore obvious. Mobility is a habit and is usually only reconsidered when there are changes, such as a relocation or a job change. Companies have the leverage to promote climate-friendly mobility not only for ecological reasons, but also for economic and social reasons.

read more


A successful mobility shift needs all of us. We look forward to hearing from you to learn more about the challenges, ideas, and visions to get on the road together.

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